RAPID Team Events

Ergonomics Done Right®


RAPID Team Events® create rapid, simple improvements to the ergonomic condition of the workplace, allowing the ergonomics process to gain a visible foothold at the site.

RAPID Team Events are four days of focused effort that result in numerous real-time ergonomic improvements, supplemented by action plans for additional improvements and quick follow-up by your team. Because the focus is on implementing practical solutions, rather than measuring and quantifying, we utilize a truly participative approach, taking advantage of the varied skills and perspectives present in your organization. With a diverse team, workplace changes are given the attention needed to ensure their effectiveness for the long term.

The Humantech Difference

  • Skilled Ergonomists

    Our RAPID team facilitators are experienced professionals who implement ergonomics programs and practical, cost-effective workplace improvements. We deliver multi-day training sessions, engineering and design, management program development, and technical support to over 100 clients each year. Programs are specifically tailored to your company’s needs, enabling you to internalize the necessary skills to foster ergonomics champions, build excitement, and create a pull for your ergonomics program.

  • Proven Approach

    The RAPID approach incorporates our Find It—Fix It—Check for Success methodology to quickly implement ergonomic improvements and is easily adapted to any production environment.

  • Practical Improvements

    Low-cost, high-impact improvements are in place the first week with additional improvements scheduled for 30, 60, and 90 days. By focusing on workstations and material movement issues, RAPID teams average two to three solutions per job in just four days. RAPID Team Events focus on simple solutions that do not disrupt the manufacturing process during the event.

Whether initiating your ergonomics process or reinvigorating an existing program, our RAPID Team Events emphasize grassroots involvement that demonstrates visible improvements to the workplace and allows your process to gain a powerful foothold. Easy-to-use RAPID Tools ensure your staff develops the practical knowledge and skills to successfully jump-start your ergonomic improvements.

What is a RAPID Team Event?

  • Risk And Performance Improvement Deployment
  • A multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled, multi-level team of 8 to 12 people
  • Working together for four days, focusing on ergonomics and workplace improvements
  • Facilitated by experienced Humantech consultants

What is the purpose of a RAPID Team Event?

  • To make rapid, simple improvements to ergonomic conditions that improve the safety, productivity, and quality of life of your employees
  • To launch an initiative that allows your ergonomics process to gain a visible foothold at the site

What is the RAPID process?

  • Team approach to make ergonomic improvements that are highly visible, high-impact, and can occur rapidly
  • Uses simple, rules-based methods to:
    • Find It
    • Fix It
    • Check for Success
  • Maintains a rapid but accurate pace
  • Involves line side employees in identifying both ergonomic issues and potential improvements
  • Typically results in 40 to 70 low-cost, high-impact improvements affecting 20 to 30 jobs, with additional improvements identified for a 30-, 60-, and 90-day implementation plan