Five Steps for Getting Buy-In for Your Ergonomics Process

Ergonomics Done Right®

New E-Book: Five Steps to Getting Buy-In for Your Ergonomics Process

Learn to “sell” your process as a key strategic element of a much larger business transformation.

To effectively present the business case for ergonomics to today’s leaders (even the enlightened ones), it is essential to demonstrate  how the investment of resources, time, and effort will results in long-term, sustained gains. Humantech’s complimentary e-book offers a step-by-step plan for getting the endorsement and funding you seek.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the internal competition for funding and do not answer the critical questions in their efforts to gather support for ergonomics. This e-book will help.

James Mallon, CPE
Executive Vice President
Humantech, Inc.

Humantech’s complimentary e-book covers five key steps:

  • Presenting the complete opportunity
  • Understanding stakeholders’ needs
  • Defining costs and benefits
  • Having a clear deployment strategy
  • Developing a mechanism to monitor, measure, and adjust