Four Ways to Sustain Your Ergonomics Process

Ergonomics Done Right®

A common question we hear from people who’ve established a workplace ergonomics process is, “Ok, so we’ve launched our program, now how do we keep it going?” Every organization deals with changing and competing priorities. We’ve found that, usually, there is much attention and fanfare when an ergonomics process is first launched. But, too quickly, other demands can detract the focus.

If you’re responsible for managing workplace ergonomics at your organization, this guide is for you. We share tips for how to keep the focus on maintaining continued success.

Establishing your ergonomics process involves a lot of work. Once you've established your process, your focus must shift from deploying it to sustaining it.

Deepesh, Desai, CPE

This e-book will take a closer look at:

  • key metrics to track
  • accountability
  • recognizing success
  • raising the bar