Hiring an Ergonomics Consultant

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Hiring an Ergonomics Consultant

Learn when it makes sense to hire a workplace improvement expert.

Thousands of companies, large and small, have benefited from the outside expertise of ergonomics consultants. Yet, many other companies have been able to implement effective ergonomics programs using internal resources. To decide if your company should seek outside help, it is important to understand what ergonomics consultants can do for you and what types of consultants are available to help you.

This white paper discusses why companies enlist the help of ergonomics consultants, the different types of consultants, and what to look for when making your selection.

Thousands of people call themselves ergonomics consultants, ranging from college professors, who do a little consulting work in their spare time, to certified professional ergonomists, who have decades of experience in industry.

Humantech’s white paper will explain:

  • why companies engage ergonomics consultants.
  • the various types of consultants.
  • what questions to ask in order to make the right selection.
  • common mistakes to avoid when hiring an ergonomics consultant.