Leading Workplace Improvement: 4 Key Actions by Business Leaders

Ergonomics Done Right®

This e-book is not a technical reference for occupational ergonomics; it is a guide that covers the few most important things you can do to lead and demonstrate your endorsement of ergonomics improvement efforts and ultimately reduce musculoskeletal disorders.

These actions are likely the same ones you use to drive business performance, so adopting them should be easy. By taking the four actions outlined in this e-book, you will lead your ergonomics process to success.

Just as you set goals for your business to achieve profitability and performance targets, you should set a common goal for ergonomics.

James Mallon, CPE
Executive Vice President
Humantech, Inc.

This complimentary e-book covers such topics as:

  • how to establish common goals
  • which two leading metrics should be added to your KPIs
  • how to motivate your team
  • how to communicate progress