Benchmarking Study: Cost and ROI of Ergonomics Programs

Ergonomics Done Right®

The Cost and Return on Investment of Ergonomics Programs

This simple formula for ROI allows ergonomics program managers to link the value of their program to the organization’s bottom line.

Humantech’s benchmarking project evaluated the investment of a site ergonomics program and the results achieved in performance of safety, quality, productivity, and employee retention. Participants, representing a variety of industries, completed an online survey, which collected information about their specific programs.

This is the fifth in a series of benchmarking studies since 2007. Humantech continues these studies to better understand the current status and practices of managing occupational ergonomics in today’s workplace.

Historically, health and safety professionals have relied on injury and illness measures (musculoskeletal disorders) to measure their ergonomic improvements.  We wanted to develop an equation that reliably demonstrates the resulting business value of a program.

Walt Rostykus, CPE
Vice President
Humantech, Inc.

Humantech’s benchmarking survey looked at:

  • People, training, and engineering costs
  • Productivity and quality improvements
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Calculating the ROI of a site ergonomics program