Why Ergonomics? Communicating the Value to Business Stakeholders

Ergonomics Done Right®

Safety and human resources professionals understand that ergonomics improves employee well-being, and leads to reductions in causal absenteeism, recordable injuries, lost-time cases, and workers’ compensation costs, among others. Yet, other business stakeholders, such as plant leadership, quality, operations, boards of directors, and investors, generally have a limited awareness or understanding of the value of ergonomics.

This e-book explains how to communicate the value of an ergonomics process to business stakeholders and generate additional support for your ergonomics efforts.

As safety professionals, we need to expand our vocabulary to include the language of business.

Blake McGowan, CPE
Director of Research
Velocity EHS | Humantech

This e-book will cover such topics as:

  • the consequences of not addressing workplace ergonomics
  • the impact ergonomics has on employee well-being
  • the enhanced business performance that results from “ergonomics done right”