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Industrial Ergonomics Seminar June 9-10

Many companies struggle to establish an ergonomics improvement process, and as a result, they fail to drive down injuries. With 40 years of experience helping Fortune 1000 companies, our board-certified professional ergonomists know which principles will help you achieve long-term success. After attending this two-day workshop, you will be able to recognize, plan, and integrate both strategic and tactical elements of ergonomics into your current business process.

Tailor the experience to your needs, choose from two different tracks on Day 2.

Day 1: Foundation Skills

After completing a series of eLearning modules prior to your arrival, you’ll get right to work at the Foundational Skills workshop. You’ll go beyond learning about Humantech’s Whole-Body Assessment and the NIOSH Lifting Equation. You’ll learn how to “do ergonomics right” using Humantech’s Industrial Ergonomics software solution. Updated with artificial intelligence tools, it will help you complete job assessments, identify direct causes, and implement improvements in record time.

Day 2 – Choose Your Track!

The curriculum of this new seminar is built specifically for you. After attending the Foundational Skills Workshop on Day 1, you’ll choose from two concurrent tracks.

Track 1: Off-Site Skill Builder

Identifying high-risk jobs and conducting risk assessments in a classroom isn’t the same as doing it in a real work environment. In this track, participants will practice what they’ve learned at a local manufacturing facility. Working alongside our board-certified ergonomists, you’ll identify high-risk jobs, measure risk reduction, and justify workplace changes. What’s more, you’ll interact with Humantech’s Industrial Ergonomics software solution along the way.

Who should attend:
This track is intended for ergonomics team members, engineers, supervisors, and assessors.

Track 2: Ergonomics Process Owner Workshop

Every successful process requires a driver to establish a roadmap and continually monitor progress. If you’re behind the wheel of your ergonomics program, this workshop is for you. Built on the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle of continuous improvement, participants will roll up their sleeves and get to work planning and documenting their company’s ergonomics process. After dissecting the current state of your program and benchmarking with peers, you’ll draft a plan appropriate for your organization, establish goals and metrics, and define organizational roles. If you already have an ergonomics process in place, you’ll have an opportunity to perform a gap analysis and identify improvements to your existing plan.

Who should attend:
This track is intended for site, division, and corporate level ergonomics leaders and sponsors. Line employees are encouraged to attend to provide input during the planning process.