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  • October 2019

  • 22nd

    Applying ISO 45001 to Manage Your Workplace Ergonomics Program

    Presented by Jennie Dustin, CPE and Phil Mole
    The causes of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) have been effectively managed by ergonomics programs modeled after common processes, such as quality and environmental management. The application of these processes, and other familiar management systems, have achieved proven results in today’s leading industries. The new ISO 45001 safety management system standard provides an excellent model for managing an ergonomics improvement process across global organizations. This webinar will illustrate the key elements of an ergonomics improvement process and how they can be aligned with ISO 45001, share real industry applications and examples, and highlight the lessons learned from leading organizations and benchmarked companies.

  • November 2019

  • 14th

    The Evolution of Industrial Ergonomics Job Analysis

    Presented by Kent Hatcher, CPE and Rick Barker, CPE
    Industrial work environments vary—from repetitive assembly environments, to non-standard field services, to distribution centers. Professionals responsible for workplace ergonomics need both qualitative and quantitative tools to evaluate all these work areas and to design engineering changes to maintain a healthy workforce. This 45-minute, live webinar will provide insight on the past, present, and future of ergonomics job analysis for various industrial environments. We’ll examine the role of technology and how the use of wearables and computer vision will impact the role of the ergonomics practitioner now and into the future.

  • December 2019

  • 3rd

    Estimating the Financial Impact of Ergonomics

    Presented by Rick Barker, CPE and Blake McGowan, CPE
    A cost-benefit analysis of an ergonomics project can speed up the approval process. A cost-justification estimator provides an efficient and effective means to projecting financial benefit. It can be used as a quantitative method when trying to choose an improvement, or as a discussion tool when considering the financial feasibility of a countermeasure. This webinar will demonstrate the application of one estimator tool with real examples. We’ll also explain the research data and rationale underlying the estimator tool. You’ll be prepared to apply the tool and understand the inputs and outputs. This webinar builds on the concepts of our previous webinar: Five Approaches to Cost-Justifying Ergonomics. 

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