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September 14th, 2017

Results: Humantech Asks…Exoskeletons

At Humantech, we like to keep a close eye on trending topics and technologies that will potentially impact the workplace. One of the hottest emerging technologies these days is exoskeletons.

We’ve written about exoskeletons in previous posts and videos and identified that those designed for rehabilitative and military use are now commercially available. However, the use of exosketons in industrial settings is still largely in the research stage and represents one of the fastest growing fields of exoskeleton research.

Three types of industrial exoskeletons currently being designed and tested are full-body exoskeletons, upper-body exoskeletons that support sustained upper limb postures or assist with handling heavy equipment, and lower-body chair-like exoskeletons.

Humantech Asks…

In August, we ask our readers this question: Do you think exoskeletons will be regularly used in industry in the next five years?

Of the 70 responses, 56% said “Yes” they believed exoskeletons will be commonplace in industry, and 44% said “No”, the Ironman-like technology won’t quite be ready for everyday use in industry.

It’s interesting to note that while a majority of our readers surveyed believe industrial exoskeletons will be in use sooner, research shows otherwise. Here, Blake McGowan shares the reasons why.

What do you think?

If you didn’t get to weigh in on the poll, let us know what you think about industrial exoskeletons, and why.