Applied Industrial Ergonomics

Ergonomics Done Right®

Achieve dramatic improvements in health and safety and productivity through practical ergonomics solutions. This two-day course provides the tools and resources to make simple and effective ergonomic improvements in the industrial environment. The seminar emphasizes hands-on problem-solving methodologies to recognize, evaluate, and control ergonomic risk.

The workshop is offered in conjunction with the Advanced Ergonomic Design Workshop and the  Managing an Ergonomics Process seminar.

Attendees Will Learn To:

  • Explain the application of ergonomics to workstation retrofit and design
  • Evaluate workstations and equipment for good ergonomic design
  • Identify contributing factors to work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • Accurately apply various ergonomic assessment tools
  • Prioritize ergonomic improvements to maximize return on investment (ROI)

Who Should Attend

Those interested in improving health and safety and productivity will benefit from attending this program, including:

  • Health and Safety professionals
  • Ergonomics committees
  • Facilities and manufacturing engineers

Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend

  1. Human performance improvements reduce injuries and increase productivity.
  2. You will be able to project the cost savings of ergonomic improvements.
  3. You will gain hands-on, practical experience improving the workplace.
  4. Checklists and guidelines make it easy to apply the information learned.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity to apply newly acquired skills with real-world case studies.
  6. You will gain skills to immediately impact your lean manufacturing initiative.
  7. Humantech’s experienced, professional trainers have provided human performance solutions for thousands of companies in virtually every industry.
  8. You’ll learn the criteria to make breakthrough improvements in health and safety and productivity.
  9. You’ll have ample opportunity to gain knowledge from your peers.
  10. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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