Managing An Ergonomics Process

Ergonomics Done Right®

A common challenge many companies face with site ergonomics programs is sustaining activities and results over time. Key to successful ergonomics programs is the investment in the strategic elements that establish a system for ongoing sponsorship, leadership, and accountability.  The focus of this one-day seminar is to develop the abilities of the participants to recognize, plan, and integrate the strategic elements of ergonomics into their current business process.

The course is facilitated by Walt Rostykus, Humantech VP and Ergonomics Engineer, who has been advising Fortune 500 companies on ergonomics for over 20 years. It is offered in conjunction with Applied Industrial Ergonomics.

Attendees Will Learn To:

  • Identify the critical elements of their site or company ergonomics improvement process
  • Establish a proactive leading goal for their company’s ergonomics program
  • Select metrics that will drive their organization toward the goal
  • Determine the resources and support infrastructure appropriate for their ergonomics program
  • Apply existing business plans and checkpoints to the ongoing management of their ergonomics program.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for the ergonomics process owner at a site or corporate level. This course is not an introductory course and should not be your first exposure to ergonomics. Familiarity with Humantech’s tools and methods is preferred.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend:

  1. Ergonomic improvements increase productivity and reduce injuries.
  2. You will understand key elements of successful ergonomics programs.
  3. You will be able to integrate ergonomics into existing business processes.
  4. You’ll learn how to create a data-driven, results-oriented ergonomics process.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity to apply newly acquired skills with real-world case studies.
  6. You will gain skills and knowledge to immediately impact your organization.
  7. You’ll learn from Humantech’s professional trainers who have provided workplace ergonomics solutions for thousands of companies in virtually every industry.
  8. You’ll learn the criteria to make breakthrough improvements in health and safety and productivity.
  9. You’ll have ample opportunity to gain knowledge from your peers.
  10. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

*This workshop is not an introductory course and is intended for those who have attended the Applied Industrial Ergonomics seminar.


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