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May 1st, 2008

Small IS Significant!


David Zinger’s article "A Tiny Secret: Small is Significant" is a great reminder about how small changes can make a big impact, especially when we’re all fighting for more time, resources, and money. More often than not, we spend countless hours coming up with the "golden fix" to a problem, and once we have the solution, we spend more time convincing others to fund and support the fix.

Though you can’t discount a good solid improvement that raises the bar on quality or productivity, you also can’t discount the small changes that make a big difference to the people doing the job 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Today, Humantech announced the start of its second annual Find It – Fix It Challenge. The contest recognizes simple and effective workplace solutions that result in increased productivity, imprved worker morale, and fewer workplace injuries and illnesses. The contest is open to all Humantech clients, past or present. We’ve found that many of these improvements came as a result of our RAPID Team Events (focused four day initiatives aimed at identifying as many ergonomic improvements as possible, and deploying real-time fixes and a 90 day plan to fix the rest, modeled on Kaizen events).

We’re looking forward to another great list of entries that prove small IS significant!

photo credit: lazlo-photo