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December 11th, 2017

Sustain Your Ergonomics Process – The Best of 2017

Looking back at this year, I’ve noticed a common theme among our clients: they are now in the transition phase between rolling out a new ergonomics process and maintaining a mature one. They’ve kicked things off, but are now looking for guidance on the next steps to help them sustain their process. Here are some of my favorite blog posts written this year that address this issue.

PARTICIPATORY ERGONOMICS PROGRAMS – 9 KEYS TO SUCCESS  In this article, Blake McGowan explains the key issues in rolling out a successful ergonomics process using research-based techniques.

Why I like it: Even if you have an existing ergonomics process, this information can help fill in the gaps.

CALCULATING RETURN ON INVESTMENT FROM ERGONOMICS Walt Rostykus shares a basic return-on-investment calculation and some tips to help you justify your ergonomics process.

Why I like it: As your ergonomics process grows, you will eventually have to justify the value of your improvements, as well as the process itself. This article provides background on why we need to do this, as well as links to additional resources that will help you calculate ROI.

THREE TIPS FOR NEGOTIATING COUNTERMEASURES WITH STAKEHOLDERS  In this article, Cecilia Chan provides some ideas on how to gain acceptance of your improvement ideas.

Why I like it: As your ergonomics process matures, there will be a point when you begin to tackle the long-term capital improvements. Decision makers have different departments and programs competing for resources. This article helps you negotiate your position to ensure that they see the value of the improvement.

IS YOUR ERGO TEAM STRUGGLING? Even the most successful ergonomics processes run into roadblocks from time to time. This article by Mary Stoesser provides some ideas on how to get the team up and running again.

Why I like it: It would be naive to think that your ergonomics process will mature in a perfectly linear fashion. The key to sustainability is recognizing issues quickly, and applying course correction when appropriate.

THE KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL ERGONOMICS PROCESS   Are you looking for the best way to ensure that your ergonomics process matures? Jennifer Sinkwitts provides the answer, based on industry expert and research findings.

Why I like it:  It’s good to remember why we have an ergonomics process in the first place; often, our primary driver is to keep employees healthy and happy. Engaging employees in our process can have the biggest impact on their quality of life in the work environment.

Many of you have spent 2017 working hard to initiate your ergonomics process. I hope that these articles help you advance your process in 2018. Cheers to a successful, sustainable, and more robust ergonomics process in the New Year!