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January 20th, 2009

Taking the keyboard in a whole new direction…

Our office has been buzzing about this since one of our consultants brought it up in our weekly meeting.  We are interested in what you think….

Look up the Smartfish Pro:Motion Keyboard (  It is unique in that it incorporates motors that continually change the shape of the keyboard throughout the day, using seven different positions. 

Now, there are thousands of different office ergonomic products introduced each year, but what caught our attention here was the claim that this product eliminates the risk of repetitive strain injuries, specifically carpal tunnel syndrome.  This is a pretty big statement.  We wonder if this is even possible…

Generally of course, we are big fans of adjustability in tools and workstations, but are curious to know what you, our readers, think of the concept.  Has anyone had experience with this product or something like it? 

It certainly reminds us how far technology has influenced the design of everyday things.  For some inspiration (and a laugh), check out the Typing Ergonomics Instructional video from 1944 (on YouTube).  Thanks to Mark Catlin for supplying the clip.

We look forward to reading your comments!