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August 14th, 2015

The 2015 Challenge Deadline is Just One Month Away!

In the spirit of the Challenge, we’ll be posting some of our favorite past entries each Monday and Friday through the contest duration.

The 2014 winners were tied between Southwire and The Timken Company! Check out their improvements below.

New Philadelphia, OH
Lap Wheel Change Fixture


Before Photo

Their improvement focused on reducing the injury rate of changing the abrasive wheels and flange on the lapping machine. Since 2011, six injuries occurred as a result of this task. Two workers were required to reach down inside a pan, lift out a 220- pound wheel, flip it over and carry it to a predetermined location. The task took 90 minutes to complete.

The company designed a lift rack device to change the wheel. Now, it takes one worker 20 minutes to complete. The device cost less than $100 to fabricate, saves $1,820 in labor, and has a time reduction of 44 percent.

After Photo

After Photo

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