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Written by: humantech on November 6th, 2018

More and more companies have implemented sit-stand workstations to improve employee health. Recent research from the University of California  found no evidence to support that claim.  Humantech certified ergonomist Blake McGowan summarizes the findings in this month’s Bottom Line video.

The findings include:

  1. An increase in overall sitting time, including occupational and leisure, has a negative impact on cardiovascular health.
  2. An increase in occupational sitting time has no impact on cardiovascular health.

However, there are benefits to using a sit-stand workstation. Not only do they accommodate the entire working  population, but they enable adjustability, promote movement, and improve the comfort for those at work.

References: Rempel, D & Krause, N. (2018) Do Sit–Stand Workstations Improve Cardiovascular Health? Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: July 2018 – Volume 60 – Issue 7 – p e319–e320


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