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February 7th, 2019

The Bottom Line: NORA Research Agenda: What’s Next?

The National Occupational Research (NORA) Musculoskeletal Health Cross-Sectional Council recently published its research agenda for the next decade. Research Director Blake McGowan shares the findings in this month’s video.

The five areas of focus are:

  1. Define the incidence and impact of MSDs
  2. Understand the risk factors
  3. Develop the underlying mechanisms
  4. Develop and evaluate interventions
  5. Implement interventions

For the published agenda, email Blake McGowan.

Reference: Developed by the NORA Musculoskeletal Health Cross-Sector Council. (2018). NATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL RESEARCH AGENDA  FOR MUSCULOSKELETAL HEALTH. October 2018. Pages 1-20.