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July 23rd, 2012

The Origin of Workplace Lighting Guidelines

by Kevin Perdeaux, CPE

Reading the Q&As from this week’s Ergonomics Assessment Tool Kit Webinar, the question regarding recommended lighting guidelines caught my attention. On a recent visit to The Henry Ford Museum in metro Detroit, I took this photo of the CodeCode of Lighting of Lighting manual issued by the Westinghouse Lamp Company. Developed in collaboration with The Illuminating Engineering Society, this data is still the principle reference for occupational lighting guidelines. The Code of Lighting manual pictured here is dated March 1922. Talk about data that hasn’t burned out over time! I wonder if they reasoned that one day LEDs would be the new rage in the 21st Century?

Challenge –  can anyone share other ergonomic guidelines or research dated earlier than 1922 that we still use today?