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December 13th, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things…

This time of year, I want to look back over all of the products we’ve reviewed in 2016 and provide you with a list of my favorite things!

The Magline Glyde Hand Truck. In this product review, Senior Consultant Ryan Cowart interviews Ali Patterson, Director of New Product Development with Magline.capture1

Why I like this product: Hand trucks are something that are used by many of our clients. The nice thing about this particular product is that it enables employees to easily move hand trucks up and down stairs. This feature not only promotes more neutral postures and reduced forces when traversing stairs, it increases the likelihood that your employees will use the hand truck to transport heavy objects.

The UNEX Pick Plank. In this product review, Director Kent Hatcher interviews Howard McIllvaine of UNEX.

Why I like this product: A common theme we hear from our clients, whether they’re in food processing, pharmaceutical, or manufacturing, is that they need help in their warehouse areas. The Pick Plank from UNEX is a great solution for those warehouse areas where order picking, product kitting, or ingredient batching takes place. The Pick Plank enables employees to slide the products on the back half of the pallet toward them. This ensures that employees can retrieve parts and products while in neutral postures, without having to crawl underneath warehouse racking. (It’s for that reason that safety people love this solution, as well!)

The MEGAComfort Personal Anti-fatigue Mat.

Why I like this product: Chances are good that you have some, if not many, employees at your site that do a lot of walking. Many of our clients provide anti-fatigue matting at stationary workstations, but struggle to find a solution for employees who don’t stand in one place all day. The MEGAComfort Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat is just the solution. It’s essentially a shoe insert, but is made from the same material as standard anti-fatigue mats. This means your employees can experience the benefits of anti-fatigue mats wherever they go!