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November 5th, 2019

Three Products for Healthier Eyes

Do you deal with headaches or dry or aching eyes at the end of a long day looking at a computer screen? If you use a computer all day, good eye-health habits, like regularly raising your eyes to focus on a spot far away or taking regular breaks, can Woman demonstrates eye strain while using laptopbe difficult to maintain. So, while you practice your good habits, here are a few recommendations for equipment you can add to your workstation that can give your eyes some relief!

Glare Shield

While many of us like to sit near a sunny window, it’s not always easy to adjust or control whether, or how, the sun hits your computer screen. Sometimes that highly coveted office window seat also means glare on the screen that can make parts of it unreadable. A screen protector, or privacy screen, is a simple tool that, in addition to preventing someone who is not directly behind you from reading your screen, can also block glare from sunlight.

Larger External Monitor

Many modern companies have moved away from purchasing desktop computers in favor of laptops to allow for more flexibility. Unfortunately, the very objective of portability means that most laptops have screens that are only 12″ to 14″ diagonally. A screen of this size is not ideal for prolonged use or if you need to view large spreadsheets or multiple pages simultaneously. Therefore, when you can be at a consistent desk space, a larger external monitor can provide enormous relief for your eyes; the larger screen allows for an increase in viewing size that will reduce the strain on the eye muscles responsible for focusing up close.

Computer Glasses

According to the United States Center for Disease Control, “almost 3.22 million U.S. persons are affected by vision impairment” as of May 2019, “with the number of U.S. adults with vision impairment projected to double in the next 30 years.” This means that a large percentage of the working population wears some form of eye glasses, even when working on computers.

Did you know that there are glasses designed specifically for working regularly on a computer? The reason they exist is because the distance from your eyes to a computer screen is between what is generally called farsighted (think driving), and nearsighted (reading a book). Also, traditional reading glasses are not generally sold with the anti-glare coating that protects your eyes from the backlight of a computer screen reflecting off the glass. If you spend a large portion of your day working on a computer, consider purchasing a pair of these glasses designed specifically for that work.