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Written by: Kent Hatcher on June 2nd, 2008

Frustration There are numerous websites and blogs that highlight the pros and cons of web based training (WBT), computer based training (CBT), e-learning, online training, etc.  And with enhancements in technology, increasing energy costs, and market globalization, it makes sense that companies are seeking alternative training methods to the traditional instructor-led classroom learning. 

But Wally Bock’s post last week was a refreshing take on “e-learning”.  People spend hours debating about whether e-learning is here to stay or whether there are more pros or cons and while these are important, they are not fundamental.  What we really need to ask ourselves is “what are our learning objectives?” and “how are we measuring success?”.  So the next time you go into that meeting to talk about “e-learning”, make sure you find the answers to those two questions. 

Remember, if you want someone to drive a car, you can put them in front of a computer for 40 hours of intensive web-based training, but at the end of the day, does it make them a good driver?

2 responses to “To learn or not to learn…”

  1. Wally Bock says:

    Thanks for the kind words and for summing up my post in a couple of phrases. Nice work.

  2. Winnie Ip, Managing Consultant, Humantech says:

    Thanks Wally – this is a hot topic with many of our clients now as they travel down the path of e-learning.

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