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April 11th, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Companies Can’t Sustain an Ergonomics Program

by Walt Rostykus, CPE and Christy Lotz, CPE

  1. No Plan – a lack of clearly defined goals, responsibilities, expectations, and process
  2. No Sponsorship – a lack of drive from the top down
  3. Insufficient Resources – no committed resources to support the process (e.g., people, funding, time)
  4. No Succession Plan – changes in leadership happen, and key participants may leave. If there is no succession plan, the process will fizzle.
  5. No Goals – a lack of common goals for improvement understood across the facility (e.g., metrics, accountability, time frames, activities)
  6. No impetus – most programs start strong, but can lose momentum without strong drivers (e.g., sponsors, goals, plans)
  7. Priority Change – over time, management and business drivers change, and ergonomics may lose importance especially if reductions in injuries are achieved year to year
  8. Lack of Visibility – results and progress are not communicated to employees and management
  9. No Perceived Value – the team does not demonstrate value and contribute to the bottom line and business drivers
  10. No Accountability – no one is held accountable for success (or failure) of the process

For further reading on this topic and ways to improve your ergonomics process, download our free e-book, Five Mistakes Companies Make with Ergonomics. Also check out our new live seminar, Managing an Ergonomics Process, hosted by Walt Rostykus in April and June at Humantech’s corporate office.

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