Ergonomics done right.®
August 30th, 2016

Tower International Gives Colleagues Just-in-time Ergonomics Training with The Humantech System®

With $2 billion in annual sales and more than 7,000 colleagues worldwide, Tower International is a leading global manufacturer of engineered automotive structural metal components and assemblies primarily serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Tower International

Providing ergonomics training to its teams of environmental, health, and safety and continuous improvement professionals is not new. What is new is providing ergonomics training right when it’s needed. As an established client of Humantech since 2005, Tower colleagues have attended many training classes. “We used to offer just four training classes a year, and people traveled to attend them. Now, with The Humantech System®, our colleagues don’t have to travel. They have the flexibility to attend training when they need it,” says Ron Henderson, Director of Global Environmental, Health and Safety.

As experienced users of Humantech’s assessment tools, transitioning to The Humantech System in March of 2016 made sense to Tower. “The way the system tracks improvements and collects data is a significant improvement to the pencil-and-paper model,” says Henderson. The company has already begun the process of rolling out The Humantech System to its ten U.S.-based plants by requiring the teams to complete the seven e-learning modules. Colleagues with company email addresses are required to complete training online, and hourly colleagues attend in-person, classroom-style training. Once training is complete, the groups work together, alongside a Humantech board-certified professional ergonomist, assessing and improving jobs right on the plant floor.

The company plans to implement The Humantech System at a new plant each month. By early next year, all U.S.-based plants will have it. “The integration of the tools into The Humantech System is seamless and the tracking log is what sold us on it,” says Henderson.