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Written by: humantech on March 24th, 2011

Hello again from AEC! We have arrived at our last day of the conference and as the much anticipated Ergo Cup Winners will be announced, here are a few other ‘winners’ we have seen this week.

Interesting Products
laptop stand from AliMedAliMed continues to find innovative products.  For the mobile office worker; a laptop stand equipped with a keyboard and fan. This offers a distinct advantage over traditional stands that do not provide an external keypad.

In keeping with the underlying theme of this year’s conference, simplicity, AliMed found a clever design of a handheld wedge tool that facilitates raising mattresses to change bed sheets. Originally designed for the healthcare environment, this same product has tremendous potential for application in the hospitality industry. It could also benefit the aging and elderly to help maintain their independence as they change bed sheets at home.

Ergonomics Team
Caterpillar at Applied Ergonomics ConferenceCaterpillar ergonomist Jason Pettit and ergonomics team leader Molly Pistorius have an entire library of “before and after” examples of ergonomic projects implemented over the last year.

2 responses to “Update from Applied Ergonomics Conference”

  1. Denise Devall says:

    I love the Bed Made EZ product! As I get more “mature” I find it takes more energy to do things that I used to take for granted. The applications in industry are obvious, but I’d like to order one for my elderly mom and me! When will this be available through AliMed for the public?

  2. humantech says:

    The item is available on AliMed’s website,

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