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July 1st, 2009

Update from Safety 2009 in San Antonio

Winnie Ip and Walt Rostykus from Humantech both presented at Safety 2009 in San Antonio this week. Safety 2009 is ASSE’s weeklong event, which includes the Professional Development Conference (PDC) and Exposition and advance, pre and post conference seminars

Winnie sent us this quick update from the conference:

§         Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis addressed conference attendees: “Make no mistake about it, the Department of Labor is back in the enforcement business”.  Watch a short video clip on ASSE’s main page: or read the press release:

§         It’s no surprise that the popular topics this year include ergonomics for the aging and obese populations and anything dealing with return on investment or cost justification.

§         Walt finished his talk Monday afternoon on “Applied Ergonomics: Tools and Methods for Improving Fit of the Workplace” and Winnie presented Wednesday morning on “ROI of Ergonomic Improvements: Demonstrating Value to the Business”. Both sessions were well attended.

§         There seems to be great attendance at the conference this year (unconfirmed ~3,000 people).

Thanks for the update guys!