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April 19th, 2012

Update from the Applied Industrial Ergonomics Seminar

By Christy Lotz, CPEApplied Industrial Ergonomics Seminar

This week I delivered an Applied Industrial Ergonomics seminar in Los Angeles  hosted by Equipois.  Attendees from 10 different companies were able to apply the techniques they learned during class on the workstations at the Equipois  facility.  In addition, they were able to try the Equipois product line and feel the impact of the zeroG mechanical support arm as well as the company’s  new product, the XAr exoskeletal support arm.  This was a great couple of days, an awesome group of attendees, and superb hosts.  Can’t wait to come back in October for the next Los Angeles seminar. There is still room to register for the fall course,  if you’d like to join us!