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April 27th, 2009

Update from the Applied Office Ergonomic Seminar – Newport Beach, CA

Every year during the Applied Office Ergonomics seminar in Newport Beach, CA, we hear the same question – "What is new in office ergonomics?".  At this year’s seminar Alan Bingham from Alimed ( or 800.225.2610) joined us to share what's new and what’s effective.  Participants were able to try a variety of ergonomic office equipment.  Based on participant feedback, the following three items were a hit:

Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard:  The Goldtouch travel keyboard received great feedback from the road warriors and mobile professionals.  The keyboard is small but functional, and has the following features:

  1. Lightweight (1.5 lb)
  2. Thin (0.5")
  3. Adjustable (0°-30°) to minimize ulnar deviation
  4. Adjustable (0°-30°) to minimize pronation

Check out the keyboard at –!+Travel+Keyboard&oid1=&oid2=


Evoluent Vertical Mouse:  The Evoluent vertical mouse is a personal favorite. The vertical shape supports your hand in a fully upright handshake position that eliminates forearm twisting and promotes a neutral wrist posture.  It eliminates wrist extension associated with a traditional mouse.  We have several being used in our own offices and reviews are very positive.


Check out the mouse at –


Humanscale Liberty Chair:  The immediate reaction to The Liberty chair is  that it is an extremely comfortable chair.   The adjustments are simple and intuitive.  Actually, there are only two adjustments, making it very easy to use.  Incredibly, it is even easier to assemble – it comes in two pieces, and requires about 2 minutes to assemble.  I would highly recommend the product. 

Check out the chair at –


During the seminar we also reviewed the most current information available on several current topics of interest in office ergonomics, including:

  1. ANSI-HFES 100-2007,
  2. Aging and bariatric populations
  3. Ergonomic solutions for the aging, bariatric, remote, satellite, and mobile worker
  4. New methods for effective communication with challenging office employees  

We wish you were there, and we hope to see you in the fall for the next Applied Office Ergonomics seminar…