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December 14th, 2010

Update from the Safety & Health Congress in San Juan, PR

by Miguel Gonzalez

I was recently fortunate enough to escape the frigid cold temperatures in Michigan for a few days to co-present at the 13th Annual Safety & Health Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The weather was great, but more importantly (as expected) the reception at the conference was just as warm.  Although it was a smaller-scale conference, I was impressed with the genuine level of interest from all attendees.  My co-presentation with Eli Lilly (Puerto Rico) on “Highlights of Implementing Sustainable Ergonomics at Eli Lilly” went well and definitely stood out as one of only two presentation topics relating to ergonomics at the conference.  Although I wasn’t shocked at the low number of ergonomics-related presentations at this conference, I was surprised  that there are so many industries and companies that have yet to consider ergonomics as part of their daily process in manufacturing.  That being said, this does bode well for those of us who have a genuine interest in ergonomics and educating others in the science.  I found there to be a definite interest from many attendees in getting to know more of the basic elements of ergonomics and how ergonomics can be integrated into existing programs like Continuous Improvement, Six Sigma, and Lean Manufacturing.  This was a great learning event for me and one that should encourage all of us to continue submitting, presenting, and spreading any knowledge about ergonomics in our field of work.  There is a large audience out there ready to learn…