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October 22nd, 2010

User-Centered Design at Humantech

Humantech had a visitor in our office this past week – Leslie Fountain from Systems Concepts. Leslie’s background is in human factors, usability and accessibility, and specializes in applying a user-centered design (UCD) approach. She has a Masters Degree in Kinesiology/Ergonomics and an Executive MBA from Cass Business School.

She was at Humantech headquarters in Ann Arbor to deliver a 2-day User Centered Design class. The goals of the class were to:

  • provide an understanding of the importance of market and user research in driving design
  • understand user, task, and environment profiles
  • understand information architecture and navigational models
  • incorporate usability principles into the development process; and
  • track projects to ensure they remain user and business focused.

Although this class integrated some ergonomic principles into UCD, it allowed participants to see a completely different perspective when it comes to approaching any project. Considering the user is extremely valuable and results in improved user satisfaction, process improvement, and overall business improvement.

Whether your “product” is new equipment introduction to the shop floor, pilot activities, ergonomic equipment installation, or even current workstations, it is important to consider the user, the tasks and the environment when designing that product.

 See System Concepts website ( for more information on user-centered design.


Thanks to Christy Lotz for contributing this post.