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November 28th, 2017

Using Blended Learning to Provide Effective Ergonomics Training

Last month, certified professional ergonomists, Jeff Sanford and Josiah Allen, teamed up to present “Using Blended Learning to Provide Effective Ergonomics Training”, an online webinar from Humantech. Here’s a quick summary.

Employee education is essential, yet it can be costly and very resource intensive. Research shows that the traditional classroom approach is not effective for adult learning; they need a more practical and tangible method. Adults learn best when they are internally motivated and understand why they need to learn. Charles Jennings, an expert in learning and performance, promotes the 70:20:10 method, where 70% of learning is done on the job, 20% occurs from relationships and networking, and 10% is from formal training.

Rather than being limited to a traditional classroom, the flipped classroom is a blended learning approach that combines online training and resources with in-person, instructor-led training and practice. Essentially, homework is done first online, giving students basic knowledge on the subject. Then classroom time becomes more about applying the new knowledge and skills. Benefits of this approach include on-demand, go-at-your-pace learning, plus reinforcement of knowledge and skills with instructors. As Jeff Sanford explains, “The flipped classroom model gives you smarter people that get stuff done.”

To learn more about Humantech’s stance on blended learning, read our position statement.