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April 26th, 2017

Video Recap from AEC: Emerging Ergonomics Issues in the Office

Certified ergonomist Blake McGowan delivered the presentation “Emerging Ergonomic Issues Related to Computer, Tablet, and Smart Phone Use” at the 2017 Applied Ergonomics Conference. He explains the three common emerging issues in this short video.


They include:

1. Sit/Stand Workstations:  Guidelines for sitting and standing ratios are highlighted in the position paper,  “Prolonged Static Sitting and Standing at Work.”

2. Smart Phones: Minimize the use to five minutes to prevent neck flexion, repetitive thumb motions, and eye strain.

3. Tablets and Laptops:  To reduce neck flexion connect your laptop to an external device to raise the height. When using a tablet, use a tilt stand to prevent neck bending.

For additional information about ergonomics solutions for the office, visit the Ergopoint page on our website.