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November 10th, 2015

Video: The Bottom Line: Static Standing

In this edition of “The Bottom Line” Certified Professional Ergonomist and Managing Consultant, Blake McGowan, summarizes a study conducted by Maria Gabriela Garcia, a PhD candidate at ETH Zürich in Switzerland, Bernard J. Martin an associate professor at the University of Michigan, and Thomas Läubli, a senior scientist and lecturer at ETH Zürich, on the effects of static standing on lower limb muscle fatigue. Participants of two different age groups were required to simulate standing work for a five-hour period. Each were given brief rest breaks and a 30-minute lunch break. The authors found four main findings. For “the bottom line”, watch the video.


Garcia MG, Läubli T, Martin BJ (2015). Long-Term Muscle Fatigue After Standing Work.  Hum Factors. Nov;57(7):1162-73.

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