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October 15th, 2014

Want an Ergonomic Gaming Console?

by Winnie Ip, CPE

Ever wonder what typical lunchtime conversation is at Humantech? Well, it might start out with a benign question like, “So, what’s the best gaming console on the market these days? I’m thinking of getting one for my kids this Christmas.” But within minutes, it can turn into full Xboxbanter and subsequent research into the pros and cons of gaming consoles and controllers. Any clear winners? Well, it turns out Microsoft’s much-anticipated Xbox One is more than just a lot of hype.

As you can imagine, we at Humantech don’t take “ergonomic” labels lightly—we like to make sure products that are labeled “ergonomic” do indeed have some biomechanical merit. After initial review of the available details it seems the Xbox One design team has incorporated several ergonomic design features that are worthy of the ergonomic label, including:

  • Thumb sticks are smaller and easier to access for a greater population (what should be easy for a 6-year old, should be easy for a 36-year old)
  • Thumb sticks require 25% less force to operate, compared to previous models (less force means less effort over time)
  • Thumb sticks have knurled surfaces, improving grip and providing a textured surface (no thumb slipping during those critical gaming moments)
  • ABXY buttons are lower profile, improving ease and operation (just think, less soft tissue compression on the thumbs!)