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Written by: humantech on February 28th, 2011

Thank you to everyone that signed onto the webinar on Friday! It was a well-attended event, which means there are many people interested in this topic and find the warehouse to be a challenging environment in terms of managing a successful ergonomics process. We are excited to share our experiences with you and below have addressed the questions that were received in the webinar.

Q: Does the container size make a difference on the Maximum Acceptable lift weigh for lifts?  (the width of the arms to carry/transfer a container to a rack)

In terms of using the NIOSH Lifting Equation, the width of the handles or distance between the arms is not considered when assessing the risk to the back.  However, using other assessment tools that take into account all body parts (such as Humantech’s BRIEF™), you will see an increased risk due to awkward postures at the elbows and shoulders and potentially even higher risk if the load is handled for a significant amount of time (increasing exposure or duration).

Q: Which assessment tool do you use to analyze one hand lifting?

The American Conference of Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) publishes the Lifting: Threshold Limit Values (TLV’s) tables on their website.  Each value depends on the frequency of the lift, the direction the force is applied, and the posture in which the person is lifting in.  These tables can be downloaded for purchase here.

Many folks were seeking specific solutions and product info. The top three requested items were:

* Wheel Chocks with Handles –   Checkers Industrial Safety Products

* Safety Knife on Lanyard – Grainger

* Wearable Scanner – Motorola

If you have any other ideas to make the warehouse more ergonomic, please share them with us. And thanks again for attending!

2 responses to “Warehouse Ergonomics Webinar Q & A”

  1. Deb Schwartzentruber says:

    Some further ideas that may be helpful
    1. Robotic pick to pallet (sometimes consider for only one heavy aisle – high movers, heavy weights) – see also palletizing here – many out there but look at http://www.rmtrobotics.com/warehouse_rps.html
    These are attractive due to labour savings as well –

    2. Automated Guided Vehicles – solution to both ergonomic issues associated with turning, neck extension etc but also much safer than heavy traffic of laoding docks – labour savings are signficant – see for example JBT Corporation

    3. Alternative to stretch wrap (about .75 per load was $30,000 savings on a recent exploration of two lines for us) we are currently looking at use of adhesive between loads (on robtoic head) to eliminate stretch wrap – cost savings as well as environmental savings are significant

    4. Roller Forks – fit on any fork lift instead of normal forks – consider for transfer of slip sheet to pallet – may be a future solution to hand bombing of shipping containers

  2. Christy Lotz says:

    Deb – Those are some great ideas. I have seen alot of places move to the slip sheet pallet as well.

    Thanks for sharing.


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