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January 18th, 2012

Web Resource: ergoCentric Seating Systems

If you are looking for office seating options, ergoCentric Seating Systems might be a good place to begin your search.  This company offers seating options for individuals of all shapes and sizes.  ergoCentric’s easy-to-navigate website offers 12 different styles of office chairs that are available in 5 seat sizes and come with many accessory options.  The combinations are seemingly endless.

In addition, the controls on ergoCentric’s chairs each have a different shape and feel and are intuitively located to make them easier to adjust.  For example, to raise the height of the seat pan, pull up on the square-shaped lever just beneath the seat pan.  To adjust the angle of the backrest, push or pull the spring-loaded oval lever shaped like a backrest.

Finally, there is a variety of free documents and guidance videos related specifically to ergonomics and office seating available on the website, including information about office productivity, human anatomy, and how to adjust your office chair properly.