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March 22nd, 2012

Web Resource: Got Boondoggle

By Rick Barker, CPE

Rick BarkerI was recently browsing web blogs and found this one simply because of its title; how can you NOT click on a blog with the title “Got Boondoggle”? Checking out a new blog is a bit like opening a present; you have no idea what you might find. This turned out to be an excellent present. There were a number of good posts about Lean as a culture rather than program. As is often the case, nearly all of the discussions of the Lean process could be directly applied to ergonomics efforts. Take, for example, the entry titled “Sometimes the Best Lean Approach is to Just Jump into the Mud.”

Another entry that stood out was a comparison of Lean to the television reality show, The Biggest Loser: To Get Results, You Gotta do the Work.  “No secrets. No magic.”  Indeed.

The blog mixes humor, cultural references, and anecdotes to educate and encourage the need for cultural change to create lasting program success. My primary criticism of this blog is that it appears to be updated only about once per month. But it can boast quality over quantity.