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February 27th, 2014

Web Resource: Stand2Learn

by Susan Shaw, CPE

The newest development in office ergonomics is the adjustable-height workstation that lets employees vary their posture from sitting to standing throughout the day.  These workstations may increase performance and health benefits by promoting blood flow and decreasing fatigue.  Stand2Learn applies this concept to other areas, such as the classroom.  They believe in, “Taking a Stand for Learning and Well Being” by creating flexible classroom layouts for grades K-6.  The same increased performance and improved mental focus found in the working environment leads to enhanced collaboration between students and shows an increase in academic achievement.  Standing can increase focus, especially for kids with short attention spans.  The website offers products like desks and stools, but also includes the ergonomic and health benefits backed by research and coverage from news and media.  Check out the site.  Who knows, maybe this will be coming to a school near you!  If not, it’s a great topic to bring up during your next PTA meeting.