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Written by: Kent Hatcher on March 24th, 2010

Contributed by Deepesh Desai, CPE

Y. Ian Noy, a keynote speaker at the Applied Ergonomics Conference here in San Antonio, stated that the costs associated with ergonomic injuries are still significant, all across the United States.  In fact, a recent
study conducted by Liberty Mutual highlighted that injuries attributed to "overexertion" account
for the highest number of total non-fatal injuries (up to 25 %) with "repetitive
trauma" as the second highest, accounting for another 20% of total
non-fatal injuries.  In his address, Dr. Noy stressed using proven
engineering concepts when making improvements, as well as using documented research data to create design


Guy Fragala, another keynote speaker at the conference, focused his address on his experiences
with the heath care industry.  He shared several opportunities to reduce
risk, minimize errors and improve efficiency through the application of
ergonomics to healthcare settings. Like Dr. Noy, Dr. Fragala also stressed on focusing on
ergonomic engineering improvements.


tuned for more updates from San Antonio…


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