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December 9th, 2009

Welcome back, Ergonomics?

Personnel Concept’s 12/8 blog entry DOL Releases 2010 Agenda: Welcome
Back, Ergonomics
catches our attention. PC’s Gary McCarty states “Next, it’s
eyeing the resurrection of the ergonomics standard that was rejected early in
this decade…”


As ergonomics is a topic
of keen interest to us, and particularly when it is connected to the Federal
Government, we reviewed the DOL’s
Statement of Regulatory and Deregulatory
Priorities for 2010
to see what Mr. McCarty found.


Regulatory Plan, which is published as part of the fall edition of The Unified
Agenda of Federal Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, identifies regulatory
priorities and contains additional detail about the most important significant
regulatory actions that agencies expect to take in the coming year.


The DOL’s Statement detailing 12 strategic outcomes at 16,000
words in length is clearly comprehensive. But of note – the fact is not one of
those 16,000 words is ergonomics.


We’re all better served when opinion is not
disguised as fact.