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February 22nd, 2008

Welcome to The 30-Inch View

People are the sole source of productivity in your company. A clever person could say they are also the soul source of productivity in your company.

Shiny buildings, machines, cute slogans and fancy boardroom tables, won’t make money for your corporation- it’s your people and their brains and muscles working to pump out your bottom line. Big-picture strategies do not focus on the real problems facing the U.S.; on the contrary, they blind us to them. Whenever someone announces, "Let’s look at this from 30,000 feet," ask them if they have been on a plane lately. At 30,000 feet, you can’t see anything; your head, literally and metaphorically, is in the clouds.

Rather, the key to success is at 30 inches. That’s where the power of people resides.

At 30 inches, you can see people’s faces. At 30 inches, people converse. At 30 inches, people reach for tools. At 30 inches, people sit at computers. At 30 inches, issues are not abstractions; they must be dealt with conclusively, discretely, and with the tools at hand.

This blog was created to explore the ideas contained within the soon-to-be published book, "The 30-Inch View of People and Performance" authored by Humantech CEO Franz Schneider. We aim to use these concepts as the prism with which to view how corporate safety, quality, and productivity can be improved by focusing on the intersection between people, work, and environment. Our goal is to engage, educate, and listen. We hope to share in this conversation with you, so that we can strive to make the daily working lives of our employees better and allow them to perform at their best.