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September 14th, 2015

Welcome to the Manufacturing Corner!

What used to be a vacant corner in Humantech’s corporate office is now a full-scale, simulated industrial work space. Equipment includes a fully-adjustable, modular workstation, a roller conveyor, ball transfer, carts, and a variety of powered as well as non-powered tools. All equipment is best-in-class, modular, and provides maximum flexibility for an industrial setting. We’re excited to use this new space as the opportunities are limitless. We envision using it to provide:

  • hands-on training for our seminar participants
  • a setting for our e-learning videos
  • and a space to formulate and demonstrate solutions for our clients

We hope you’ll get a chance to check it out in person soon! Until then, watch this quick introductory video by Humantech’s Deepesh Desai.