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September 23rd, 2010

What Does Your Cubicle Say About You?

Contributed by Greg Cresswell

This article on MSN Career Builder explores how cubicles reflect the personality of you and your company.  Whether you have family photos on the wall, a calendar of your favorite sports team, or the fact that you haven’t seen the surface of your desk in months, the décor and tidiness of your workstation say a lot about you and your style.  At the same time, the type of decorations you are allowed to display and the amount of flare you are expected to show says a lot about the character of your company.

The take-home message of the article is “make your work space work for you” by setting your workstation up to best suit you to maximize your comfort and efficiency.  Interestingly, the article only considers the décor of your workstation and does not factor in the actual setup and layout of your furniture and equipment. 

Ensuring that your monitor is positioned directly in front of you (just below eye height), your input devices are at the correct height (just below elbow height), your chair is properly adjusted, and your feet are planted firmly (on the floor or footrest) is essential to working comfortably, efficiently, and happily – probably more so than what knick-knacks you have on display.