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February 27th, 2012

What’s Your Approach to Managing WMSDs?

by Walt Rostykus, CPE

My article, Five Approaches to Managing MSDs,  in last week’s e-newsletter prompted several comments.  Jon Francis from Veyance Technologies wrote:

“Just read the e-newsletter article, Five Approaches to Managing MSD’s.  Great article.  I think the focus has to be on engineering controls. Administrative controls may be less costly, but they may be less effective too.  Unless you have proper support structure to ensure the ‘job rotations, rest breaks, slowed pace’ or other procedural type solutions, then they really are of no value to reducing risk.  Administrative controls may, in some cases, be effective.  If poorly managed, however, administrative controls may be no better than doing nothing at all.  And you might have wasted a lot of time and effort creating those administrative controls that nobody follows.”

What are your thoughts on the five approaches described?