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January 30th, 2014

When You Design for the Average You Limit the Most

by Bryan Picco, AEP

No cars are made equal—or at least made to accommodate all people equally. Take, for instance, sports cars. Here is a video of me trying to squeeze my 6′ 5″ frame into one at the Detroit North American International Auto Show. Note the areas where the car does not fit:

–  The door handle height is too low

–  Limited door clearence

–  Limited clearence between my knees and the steering wheel

–  Lack of adequate chair adjustability (both to slide the chair back and recline)

– The top of the windshield blocks my view and I have to look over it to see forward

It’s safe to say that I might be getting a mouth full of bugs while cruising down the interstate with the top down – and it would be impossible for me to ride with the top up. When you design for the average size person, you limit the most.