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November 18th, 2010

Who Designed the Closets in Italian Villas?

Italy 2010 734 On a recent trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, my excitement for staying in a villa on a family-owned Winery and Olive plantation was quickly abolished when I discovered that what I thought was going to be a simple task of hanging some of our fresh laundry would turn into a more difficult endeavor; the hang rail in the closet was far beyond my natural reach capabilities. I stood there asking myself “what percentile population was this designed for?”. I looked around for a step stool or even a pull-out ladder, with no such luck. Discouraged that my 5 ft 8″ height was nowhere close to making this work, I settled for hanging our clothes on the bed curtain railings. The Ergonomist in me wanted to lower that rail, to 62″ to be exact, but the vacationer in me simply settled this over some Chianti. 

I’d like to toast to all who have encountered such dramatic design flaws while on vacation. Care to share?

Thanks to Kevin Perdeaux for taking a break from his really, really rough life and contributing this post.