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April 6th, 2015

Why Build in Quick Wins for your Ergonomics Process?

By James Mallon, CPE

All improvement initiatives require an effective deployment strategy and an implementation plan complete with a timeline of activities, milestone dates, detailed resource needs, and expected outcomes for each activity (people, time and money). A winning deployment strategy also must deliver short-term successes in the context of long-term sustained gains. These “quick wins” are Bryan_Groupessential in building support and momentum along the way.

Process implementation fails when people become disinterested and feel that change is taking too long. Quick wins prevent this from occurring. Delivering results quickly and in terms that are meaningful to all stakeholders’ gives your process momentum demonstrates to the people on the shop floor that you mean business, and gives you and your entire team the confidence to keep going.

I’ve found that a plan that includes a series of multi-day improvement events works best. In these events, your ergonomics team can focus on getting things done and truly showcase their value as they complete the job improvement process for multiple jobs within a work cell, department, or area of your plant. Initial attention should be on solving ‘simple’ ergonomic issues that eliminate or reduce the level of MSD risk and leave complex (and usually more costly) issues for later.

Another key point, use before and after photos of workplace improvements to highlight your efforts. This will keep your work and the benefits of your process highly visible.