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February 3rd, 2015

Why Ergonomics is Essential to Today’s Sports Cars

by Kendra Perdeaux,

Sports cars are designed with two main components in mind: performance and style. Practicality is not often the main concern. But with the aging population, this may need to change. According to an article by Bloomberg Business, the 55-64 age group has replaced the 35-44 age groupSportsCar as the most likely to buy a new car.

At Detroit’s 2015 North American International Auto Show, I saw some of the most interesting and exuberant sports cars in today’s market. They possessed beautiful streamline and aerodynamic qualities, but are they really designed for today’s aging population?

Research supports that aging has profound effects on driving posture and postural sensitivity. Many senior citizens prefer to sit closer to the steering wheel in a less reclined position compared to younger drivers. This can be due in part to decreased vision, as well as decreased flexibility in everyday postures. Research also suggests that older drivers activate different pressure points and require altered lower and upper back support to reduce discomfort while seated. With these aspects in mind, there are many areas of sports car interior design that could be improved to accommodate our aging population.