Workplace Ergonomics Assessments & Evaluation

Ergonomics Done Right®


Humantech’s ergonomists excel at defining key sources of risk and then specifying cost-effective, comprehensive solutions to those risks.

Humantech ergonomics consultants review thousands of jobs every year. We derive practical solutions by combining extensive industry experience with group problem solving and scientific ergonomics analysis.

Our workplace assessment services range from high-level prioritization surveys to detailed workplace improvements supported by risk analyses and cost justification data.

The Humantech Difference:

  • Usable Solutions to Real Problems

    We deliver specific, documented solutions to ergonomics challenges supported by illustrations and vendor information. Solutions are delivered in report form and reviewed in working meetings to ensure that every approach is explored.

  • Technical Capabilities and Practical Experience

    Every project team is led by a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist with deep experience in a variety of industries.

  • Low-Cost, High-Impact Solutions

    A data-driven approach to managing MSD risk ensures that workplace improvements are both effective and efficient. A focus on low-cost, high-impact solutions drives progress and success.

What can Humantech do for you?