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  1. Another triumph of form over function. Wire management looks like a challenge that could have been simply resolved by routing the power cord and monitor cable along the semi circular frame. A further distraction could have been avoided with a Blue Tooth mouse – but I still have no idea what surface I’d run the mouse on. In spite of their saying they were emulating a La-Z-Boy recliner, the last one I sat in was 16” off the floor and had arm pads to support manual activities.

  2. Janice Homola says:

    It looks like an interesting piece of art. It also looks like, once you manage to climb in it- which may not be an easy feat for some as you are sitting on the ground level- it would be difficult to move or change position. Also, it doesn’t appear to be adjustable, so that once a person’s knees are in the right position on the “hill,” one must only hope that the pillow for the back and head are in right positions, too.

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